Monday, 29 April 2013

Small tattoo ideas 02

A lot of people like to get small tattoo designs. There are a variety of great reasons to get a smaller tattoo design then going for a big one. tattoo Size

After all the title for the article is small tattoo designs so of course the size is going to be something small right? For example a small back tattoo is probably much larger then a small wrist tattoo or a small foot tattoo design. So think about the tattoo and how small you want it to be.

tattoo Detail

Of course the guide is always with a smaller tattoo you want much less detail. Line work and writing always works very well for a small tattoo.
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas 6498

small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas 6499

small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas 6500

small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas 6501

small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas 6502

tattoo Location

Foot tattoos and hand tattoos and shoulder tattoos are all going to look different. tattoo Care

Last but not least is proper tattoo care. Getting a small tattoo is becoming more and more popular. With small tattoos, you'll need to choose a simpler design. Ink spreads on skin and with small tattoos it is much harder to prevent a 'blob' of ink forming. Where to have your small tattoo is a personal decision. When you have found the best position for your tattoo, select a design. A tattoo artist would need to change the design pattern if a scale-down is needed.

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